New paper on Campanulaceae out!

Check out our new paper just out in AJB where we look at patterns of movement of bellflowers around the world

A global perspective on Campanulaceae: Biogeographic, genomic, and floral evolution



Fieldwork – Balkans + Italy

Spent the summer traveling through the western coast of the Balkan Peninsula on a serious collecting trip.  This time we were primarily looking for one species — at least currently recognized as one species, we’ll see what happens when i’m done with it! — Campanula erinus.  This trip took me (and my brother as my field assistant) from Croatia to Bosnia & Herzegovina and into Montenegro.  We then hopped over to Italy and traveled down the east coast, along the Adriatic Sea.  Epic.  Collected so many good plants, saw amazing scenery, and met some really great people!

A few photos:

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DSC_1020_023 DSC_1063 DSC_0673 DSC_0607


I spent two months this summer traveling through Greece collecting Campanula species across the Aegean Islands.  Not a bad place to do field work!

It was really amazing to explore all the islands — and pretty successful as well — we ended up finding all the taxa we were looking for!

A few snapshots from the trip:

More photos here.