Press Releases

I am a freelance writer, writing on a variety of topics from ecology to evolution and fossils to molecules. Below are links to selected releases I have written.

HybPiper: A bioinformatic pipeline for processing target-enrichment data

New pipeline streamlines assembly of gene regions, extraction of coding and intronic regions, and detection of duplicate gene copies for phylogenetic analysis

Capturing introns: Targeting rapidly evolving regions of the genome for phylogenetics

New protocol for targeting intron-containing genes to resolve evolutionary relationships between closely related species

Beyond species counts: Using evolutionary history to inform conservation

Recent study investigates multiple phylogenetic diversity metrics and discusses their role in preserving biodiversity

Visualizing the past: Nondestructive imaging of ancient fossils

New study integrates visualization techniques to examine 150-million-year-old plant fossils without damaging specimens

Thousands of nuclear loci via target enrichment and genome skimming

Hyb-Seq utilizes next-generation sequencing and hybridization-based enrichment for plant phylogenomic studies

Big data: A method for obtaining large, phylogenomic data sets

New approach combines long-range PCR and next-generation sequencing, allowing systematists to sequence large portions of the genome

Twice the DNA yield in less time

New technique improves quality and quantity of DNA isolations across a wide range of flowering plants

Smoke in the water: Understanding the effects of smoke compounds on seed germination

New study develops compact, inexpensive system for producing smoke solutions, useful in seed germination studies

Utility of sequence-related amplified polymorphism (SRAP) markers

Recent study illustrates the potential of SRAP markers in plant biology studies

The root of the matter: The role of nitric oxide in root branching

Recent study illustrates the usefulness of a new index for understanding lateral root initiation; shows nitric oxide can both promote and inhibit lateral root formation


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